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Why SEO is Not Marketing

One of the biggest issues “Search Engine Optimization experts” face is that they tend to sell their marketing services short by focusing on keyword rankings.

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Ranking a keyword is only part of the story. Hacking good rankings without taking care of basic business building principles is downright dangerous.

The problem I see with most business owners is that they swallow the SEO lie whole and assume they are going to be able to make “huge gains” in their marketing by simply ranking in search engines. You need a Seattle SEO expert to help you get the job done right.

Won’t Keyword Rankings Create Huge Success?

It’s true that great rankings increase click through. It’s true that high keyword rankings communicate more value and trust to a searcher. But, it’s not true that great keyword rankings have anything to do with the actual longevity of a business model or marketing skill. In fact, good rankings may just be pro-longing a bad business plan.

Whether you’re ranking a keyword via organic optimization or paid search, real internet marketing starts with the quality of your service and your revenue goals. A lack of understanding in both of these areas will generally render your online marketing efforts quite useless.

I you’re like 90%+ of mid-size to small business owners then you tend to run your business from a “shoot from the hip” mentality. I was in the same boat for years as well. However, when I decided to truly focus on making money I took a step back and looked at my services and revenue goals before implementing my marketing strategy.

A few realities we all must face to start marketing “for real:”

1. “So What” If You’re Number 1 in Google

Does being number 1 in Google always translate into success? Maybe it will with monetary gains, but how do your rankings translate into successful long-term conversions? If your service or product is bad you’re going to get bad reviews. In retrospect, I’ve committed to not working with any businesses who have s a bad reputation and are not willing to take “huge action” to fix these issues. No SEO campaign can fix bad reputation.

2. We All Need a Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is someone who can reverse engineer business revenue goals into a successful marketing campaign. For years I acted as more of a keyword ranking service for clients. This brought about some frustrations as my clients would keep throwing money at me, hoping it would make their business grow. They had an idea of what their revenue goals were, but zero concept of how to organize the right type of marketing strategy and budget to fit those goals. In the end, they didn’t need keyword rankings, they needed a solid marketing plan.

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3. Stop “Hacking” Your Marketing Budget and Plan Accordingly

I’ve been around long enough to see a lot of business start and fail. My best customers are CEO’s and business owners who make $250,000 plus per year consistently. I say consistently because I’ve seen owners who hack their way into a large income, but never achieve long term success. The difference between consistent long-term earning and short term success is always a better business plan with calculated marketing goals based upon yearly revenue goals.