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FICO Scores and Credit Report Differences for Auto Loans

The Difference Between a FICO Score and Your Credit Report When Applying for an Auto Loan

When applying for no credit check car financing you’ll want to become familiar with the differences between your FICO score and your credit report.  Each of these things are assessed differently by loan officers during the decision making process of whether to approve your auto loan or to decline your application.

Both are important factors during the decision making process of your loan application, so you’ll want to fully understand what you’re getting into, before actually applying for any auto loans, that way you can be sure to go into the process with your best foot forward.

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What’s a credit report?

Your credit report is a collection of seven years worth of information and data that is used to calculate your FICO score. This information therein is derived from both public records and credit reporting agencies.

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Information in your credit report will include personal information, such as your full name, social security number, birth date, your address or addresses in the past seven years, automobiles that you have owned in the past seven years, employer information, utility company information, open lines of credit that you may have, any credit that you have applied for, and the bad part…if you owe any money to creditors.

What’s a FICO score and what can I do to bring my FICO score up, if it’s not high enough to be approved for an auto loan?

Your FICO score is a collection of credit date obtained and calculated from your credit report.  The credit data from your credit report is then broken down into five categories, when calculating your FICO score.

These five categories are:

  • The length of your credit history.
  • Any new credit that you presently have.
  • The different types of credit that you use.
  • Your past payment history.
  • Any amounts that you may owe to creditors.

The importance of each category being taken into consideration will vary from person to person.  Also know, that even though your FICO score is only calculated from your credit report, that lenders will look at many things when making a lending decision.

What can I do to improve my credit report and my FICO score?

FICO ScoresIf you really want to improve your credit report and your FICO score to be improved for auto loans or bad credit auto loans, then start acting now by taking some simple steps immediately.  These simple steps are so simple that some people may not even realize how they can affect their credit reports and FICO scores.

Steps to improving your FICO score and credit report:

  • Simply paying your bills on time can greatly improve your credit rating.
  • Only take out new credit when you need it and try not to take out too much credit all at one time;  that looks “bad.”
  • If you have anything “bad” on your credit report, like unpaid utility bills, unpaid credit card bills, unpaid doctors or hospital visit bills, then pay them off immediately, or at the very least start paying on them in the attempt to show good faith that you are going to pay them off completely in the future.  Your creditors will report your payments to the credit reporting agencies and update your information.

Where do I go from here?

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How To Make A Big Difference With Your Content


1. Content Builds Trust

You may be thinking about that algorithmic factor from MOZ or Majestic that measures your website’s back-link authority. Those measures are really trying to capture more than just the authority of your back-links. If you’ve been back-linking correctly, your measure of trust should be a good indicator as to how humans perceive your website. Developing quality content on a consistent basis, within your inbound marketing agency methodology, will build trust with humans in three ways:

Top of mind awareness – It is not about just creating new customers, it is the experience that causes your customers to share. When people like the experience, they refer it to others. This is why guest blogging is such a powerful tool. Guest blogging provides huge brand awareness opportunities. Yes, it is not just about the back-link.
People grow familiar with you – Healthy familiarity breeds trust. In real life, people who don’t know you tend to have a, “I don’t know you, so I don’t trust you” attitude. The same principles apply to the internet. If people begin to see your company’s brand everywhere, they will grow familiar with you as an expert in your field.
Enhanced communication opportunities – Developing a lot of good content increases the chance that you will be able to interact with leaders and influencers through blog comments and social media. Developing solid relationships with leaders and influencers is a stepping stone you can take to making your brand lead and influence others through 3rd party validation.
2. Content Forces You to Be an Expert

Most of the people I consult with about incorporating a massive content strategy are shocked when they hear how much content our company has to produce to get results. We have found that developing massive amounts of quality content gives our team the edge it needs to enhance our client’s search marketing campaigns. They are able to promote the account with fresh ideas and insights that will help the client have a greater impact in the eye of their consumer.

Even if you would consider yourself to be an incredibly dead (or boring) content category (i.e. grave stone company), this still applies to you. Forcing yourself to think outside the box in providing useful content to your listeners will give you an edge that your potential customers will notice. Here’s a great guide from MOZ about developing great content for boring categories

3. Content Forces You to Listen Better

Content will make you vulnerable. That’s okay! You need to get invaluable feedback from your listeners. This will help you tailor your brand to your customers’ needs.

While your competitors may be afraid of making people angry, you will be the “go to guy” who’s not afraid to answer problems and tackle frustrations. Why would business owners limit their online engagement out of fear that they will not be able to control their “branding?”

This is a huge handicap that must be overcome. Otherwise, a company will not be able to meet the needs of the growing digital consumer market.

Building a Content Strategy

Great content brings contentment (satisfaction) to humans through building trust, becoming a better expert, and forcing you to listen to the needs of your readers. So, how do you build a content strategy while running your business? We’ve found that a good content strategy will take you, your team, or your Search Marketing Company a minimum of 20 hours a week.

Here is a breakdown of two of the most common ways businesses should develop a content strategy:

– For the Do It Yourselfer

You Plan the Strategy and Write the Content – As a general rule, I rarely see this strategy being implemented as business owners have neither the time to study, nor the resources to commit 20 hours per week to developing content. Here is a more practical way to do things yourself:

Hire a consultant to write out a three month plan for your company
Hire a part time writer to implement the content strategy
Total costs: $3000 for 30 hours of professional consultation or $1200/month to a part time writer at $20/hour.
Here are some additional resources for developing your inbound strategy and content team:
– Full Service Solutions

Developing your content through a full service agency might seem more expensive than doing it yourself, but the added value of resources and execution often produces greater results to your bottom line. Here are a few reasons why:

Search Marketing companies already have the tools and training to execute a content marketing strategy quickly.
They can provide you with on-going training and consultation.
They provide on-staff editors, so you won’t have to find an editor yourself.
They can foresee potential pitfalls that will hinder your message from turning into conversions.
They will manage the overall campaign and team so you do not have to manage your own team.

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